Climate change meeting 2013

The annual International Circumpolar Surveillance (ICS) Climate Change and Infectious Disease working group meeting will take place September 19, 2013 at the Statens Serum Institut in Copenhagen. Below is the meeting summary from the last meeting held in Fairbanks, Alaska, August 7, 2012 and the current draft of a “White Paper” on Climate Change and Infectious Disease in the Arctic we are working on.  In Copenhagen we will work on finalizing the “White Paper” and update projects underway by country. A final agenda will be circulated before the meeting.   Comments and suggestions on both the “White Paper” and potential agenda items are welcome.

Meeting summary 2012

“White Paper” on Climate Change and Infectious Disease in the Arctic

Agenda for the meeting will be mailed to the group members and will be uploaded on this page.

For those with multiple infectious disease interests, this meeting is part of our ICS week. There will be working group meetings on tuberculosis (16th),  Hepatitis (17th) Helicobacter pylori (18th).  We are planning a short Invasive Bacterial Disease working group meeting as part of our International Circumpolar Surveillance Steering Committee meeting on Sunday September 15.

Look forward to seeing you in Copenhagen.

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