Tuberculosis meeting 2012

August 5, 2012, 8:00 am-12:00 pm
Wood Center Room E/F, University of Alaska Fairbanks,
Fairbanks, Alaska, United States of America

Co-Chairs: Annie-Claude Bourgeois & Alan Parkinson


MINUTES OF 2012 MEETING (press to download)




  • Share information and knowledge on aspects of circumpolar surveillance of tuberculosis (TB)
  • Strengthen the cooperation between the Circumpolar regions involved in the international Circumpolar Surveillance TB Working Group (ICS-TB)
  • To advance work established in the goals of ICS-TB to conduct collaborative surveillance of TB in the Circumpolar regions

8:00       Welcome/Introductions. Alan Parkinson

8:15       Documents for review
Membership for review. All

8:20       Tuberculosis Update by Country/Region:
United States. Donna Fearly
Canada. Annie-Claude Bourgeois
Russia. Alexander Vladimirov
Greenland. Thomas Rendal
Denmark. Bolette Soborg/Anders Koch
ICS Update. Alan Parkinson


9:40       Working Group Documents: Annie-Claude Bourgeois
Memorandum of Understanding
Data Protocol
Reporting Guidelines
Early outline and table mock-up

10:00       HEALTH BREAK

10:15       Retrospective report -Sharing the information:

Dissemination. Annie-Claude Bourgeois & Alan Parkinson
– The report
– Approval process
– Other publications

10:35       Presentations:
–  Overview of Dynamic Data Management System (ICS-TB Database). Annie-Claude Bourgeois
–  Diagnostic strategies. Thomas Rendal
– Remote communications and use of internet technologies. Alexander Vladimirov
– Funds for ICS-TB. Alan Parkinson

11:50       Next steps
Next face-to-face meeting. All
Next teleconference. All

12:00       Meeting Adjourned

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