Climate change meeting 2011

Climate Change and Health Impacts of Infectious Diseases in the North

Danish Polar Centre, Copenhagen September 19, 2011.


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9:00 Welcome/ Introductions. Alan Parkinson/ Birgitta Evengard

9:15 Background to the meeting. Alan Parkinson/ Birgitta Evengard

9:30 Discussion: Formation of working group for climate sensitive infectious diseases in the North (draft TOR/Charter)

This new working group will share information on climate sensitive infectious diseases in the North and allow for potential cross border collaborative surveillance or research activities that will enhance our knowledge of the health impacts of climate sensitive infectious diseases of concern in the Arctic and inform prevention and control measures.

10:00 Review and catalog by country, any climate change and infectious disease surveillance and research activities being undertaken in the circumpolar north

US. Jim Berner ANTHC/Alan Parkinson CDC

10:30 Canada. Manisha Kulkarni PHAC

11:00 Greenland/Denmark. Anders Koch SSI

11:30 Norway. Preben Ottesen NIPH

12:00 Lunch Provided

1:00 Finland. Pekka Nuorti  THL

1:30 Sweden. Birgitta Evengard University of Umea

2:00 Russian Federation. Nikolai Tokarevich Pasteur Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology, St  Petersburg

2:30 WHO. David Mercer/Bettina Mene

3:00 ECDC. Jan Semenza

3:30 Identify potential collaborative cross border surveillance or research activities.

4:00 Plan ICCH15 Working Group meeting, August 5-12, 2012

4:30 Adjourn

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