Helicobacter pylori meeting 2011

Helicobacter pylori Workshop at the Danish Polar Center, Copenhagen, Denmark, Wednesday, Sept 21, 2011

Co-chairs: Michael Bruce MD, MPH & Anders Koch MD, PhD, MPH

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Welcome/Introduction & Goals of the Workshop: Michael Bruce/Anders Koch 8:30-8:45

Session 1: Updates

Updates on H. pylori research in Alaska: Michael Bruce 8:45-9:00

Updates on H. pylori research in Russia: Vladislov Tsukanov 9:00-9:15

Updates on H. pylori research in N Canada: Karen Goodman 9:15-9:30

Open Discussion, All: 9:30-10:00

Morning Coffee Break

Session 2: Gastric Cancer Studies

Data from Retrospective Gastric cancer/H. pylori study in AK: Michael Bruce 10:15-10:45

Prospective Pilot for Gastric cancer & H. pylori study in AK: Michael Bruce 10:45-11:15

Plans for Gastric cancer studies in N. Canada: Karen Goodman 11:15-11:30

Update on 2 recent IARC Gastric Cancer projects: David Forman 11:30-11:45

Lunch: All 11:45-1:00

Designing Collaborative H. pylori Studies in the Arctic: All 1:00-1:30

Open Discussion

Session 3: H. pylori Guidelines

Management of H. pylori infections in high prevalence: Brian McMahon 1:30-2:15

Regions such as the Arctic. Guidelines paper

Open Discussion: All 2:15-3:00

Meeting adjourns. Information about the ICCH15 Conference August 5-10, 2012, in Fairbanks, Alaska

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