Hepatitis meeting 2011

The meeting took place in Copenhagen September Tuesday September 2011.

Press here for minutes.

For minutes of the 2010 meeting, please see the Hepatitis meeting 2010 page. For the agenda 2011 see below.

Brian McMahon      bdm9@cdc.gov
Nina Weis                ninaweis@dadlnet.dk
Anders Koch           ako@ssi.dk

Agenda: Viral Hepatitis Working Group Meeting September 20, 2011, Copenhagen, Denmark

9:00 Opening remarks and Introductions (Brian McMahon, Nina Weis, Anders Koch)

Morning Session: Results of Research and Projects in the Arctic since last Working Group Meeting.

9:15 Hepatitis A:
– HAV in US: Results from Universal Vaccination Program: Scott Holmberg, CDC , Atlanta
– Long-term protection in children and infants in Alaska: Brian McMahon

09:30 HBV Epidemiology/Natural History and Molecular Studies in the Arctic:
– Hepatocellular carcinoma associated with hepatitis B virus genotype F: Yasuhito Tanaka, Brenna Simons & Brian McMahon
– Active, Inactive, and immune active HBV in Alaska: Brenna Simons & Brian McMahon
– Update from Greenland: Henrik Krarup, Malene Børresen & Anders Koch
– HBV molecular studies in Canada: Carla Osiowy & Malene Børresen

10:30 Coffee break

10:50 HBV epidemiology (cont.)
– Update from Canada: Carla Osyowy & Brenna Simons
– Update from Russia: Vladimir Chulanov
– Discussion

11:35 Hepatitis C:
– HCV in Russia: Vladimir Chulanov
– HCV in Alaska: Dana Bruden & Brian McMahon
– Longitudinal analysis of chronic HBV and HCV in Canada: Carla Osiowy & Anil Dudani
– Discussion

12:20 Lunch

Afternoon Session: Research, Public Health and Clinical Project Planning

13: 20 Viral Hepatitis Planning Board and the VHPB meeting in Copenhagen 2012: Greet Hendrickx

13:50 Hepatitis E:
– HEV testing: Scott Holmberg
– HEV in the Arctic – a priority? Michael Bruce
– Discussion

14:20 Discussion: Hepatitis A – should we add this to our working group?

14:35 HBV:
– HBV Database: Status in Greenland, Alaska and Canada: Henrik Krarup
– HBV Registries: How can we use them for both patient care and research?
– – Greenland: Henrik Krarup, Karin Ladefoged & Nina Weis
– – Alaska: Translation studies to evaluate effectiveness: Brian McMahon
– – Canada: Enhanced Hepatitis B/C Surveillance System (EHSSS): Anil Dudani
– Discussion: Future molecular and other laboratory studies in the Arctic

15:35 Coffee

15:55 HCV:  Clinical care and research:
– HCV in Alaska: Brian McMahon
– – How we plan to choose patients for new protease inhibitors
– – Alaska Telemedicine project (Liver  Connect)
– HCV Russia: Vladimir Chulanov

16:25 Other Viral Hepatitis Research and Public Health issues

16:40 Next Circumpolar Working Group Meeting: Anchorage, AK, August 2012

16:50 Adjourn: Selection of new steering group

17:00 End of programme

Dinner at restaurant (at own cost)

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