Hepatitis meeting 2010

Minutes Hepatitis meeting 2010


Chairpersons: Karin Ladefoged and Anders Koch

08:30             Welcome and Minutes from 2009 meeting

08:45             Viral Hepatitis Prevention Board – an orientation. Alex Vorsters

Chairpersons: Gert Mulvad and Malene Børresen
09:00             The year in Arctic HBV research

  • Molecular epidemiology and clinical manifestations of HBV genotype D worldwide. Yasu Tanaka
  • The  Alaskan genotype F. Yasu Tanaka
  • HBV inactive carrier phase and clinical significance. Brenna Simons
  • Update chronic HBV and predictors for reactivation in HBeAg lost carriers. Brian McMahon

10:00             Coffee

10:30             The year in Arctic HBV research (continued)

  • HBV research in Greenland. Malene Børresen
  • HBV research in Canada. Jeff Potts
  • HBV research in Russia. Vladimir Chulanov

Chairpersons: Chong Gee and Flemming Stenz
11:15            Introduction of HBV vaccination in Greenland – the political process and considerations. Flemming Stenz

11:30             Other hepatitis virus

  • HCV in Alaskan Natives. Steve Livingston
  • Hepatitis E from a Danish perspective. Peer Brehm Christensen
  • Evaluating performances of anti-HEV IgM and IgG assays. Chong-Gee Teo

12:15            ICCH15 in Fairbanks and Working group Website. Mike Bruce and Anders Koch

12:30             Lunch

Chairpersons: Jeff Potts and Tom Hennessey
13:30             Roundtable discussion – HBV preparedness and awareness (suggested by Jeff Potts, Health Canada)

  • Do representative countries have a clear sense of hepatitis B and
    hepatitis C disease burden (i.e. current prevalence and incidence
    rates) and molecular epidemiology in their jurisdictions?
  • Are transmission risk factors common across the Region?
  • Are prevention policies and programs in place, and have they been
    evaluated for effectiveness?
  • Are screening, diagnostic and treatment protocols in place that could
    be easily inventoried and analysed for comparative purposes?
  • Are research and surveillance efforts and investments across the
    Region inclusive of focus on behaviours, psycho-social sciences and
    social determinants?

14:15            Presentation of HBV database elements for future international comparisons and analyses – suggestion from last years meeting. Brian McMahon, Vladimir Chulanov

14:30             Coffee break

Chairpersons: Brian McMahon and Vladimir Chulanov
15:00            Joint projects – Updates on ongoing projects and ideas for new ones. Roundtable discussion

16:45             Next years’ meeting and election of new steering group

17:00             End

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